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Skin care tips

Skin Care Secrets

10 Secrets of Good Natural Skin Care for Glowing Skin

Cleansing the skin is a most important step to ensure a healthy skin. Poor skincare hygiene can lead to acne, blemishes, spot and other skin disorders.

  • Your skin will benefit by cleansing in the morning and evening. To cleanse your face use tepid water and a mild facial cleanser, never with harsh detergents. Use a clean facial towel to pat your face dry after washing. This will help to remove excess oil from your skin, cleanse pores and improve skin tone.
  • Daily application of moisturiser after cleansing is essential to maintain a protective film on your skin. To prevent damage by UV use a sunscreen over your moisturizer. Some people may have to use a sun blocker. A sun screen of at least SPF8 is recommended.
  • Never apply make-up on skin that has not been moisturised.
  • Never go to bed with your make-up on.
  • Use an appropriate face-mask to your skin type at least once every 4 or 6 weeks. Give yourself a deserved 15 minutes break while the mask is on. This treatment is not only great for the skin, but it is incredibly beneficial to the body and mind facilitating a relaxed state. Enjoy this break.
  • Although exfoliators are used commonly, this is a harsh treatment and care should be exercised not to damage the skin. Certainly dermabrasion should not be considered lightly and needs to be carefully discussed with an experienced practitioner.
  • A good skin care routine does not need an endless number of products, but it does require discipline to set aside 5 - 10 minutes each morning and evening. Off course there is nothing to stop you from increasing the time you allow for the care of your skin and soul.
  • Spraying a fine mist of a herbal toner or distillate on a freshly cleaned and moisturized face is a fantastic treat, energizing you for the day.
  • Drink plenty of water and ensure that you are hydrated. This is important for your entire body.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is an essential period to allow regeneration of cells, relaxing the body and resting the mind. You will wake refreshed and glowing.