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At Azurlis® Natural Skin Care, we are passionate about our products.

Our philosophy reflects a balance between science and soul that translates into a holistic approach to skin, body and soul care, by fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principles that stood the test of time.

Our mission was to develop a unique natural skin care range, free of harmful chemicals*, not tested on animals, without synthetic fragrances, supporting environmentally friendly practices, and is rich on those elements of Nature that are beneficial to the body, the mind and the soul.


Azurlis® Natural Skin Care is the result of our commitment to manufacturing a skin care range of the highest quality, with ethical principles and respect for life, without harming the environment.

Natural skin care is about developing products made with ingredients that are extract through well established methodology, without having to depend on ingredients that are synthetically manufactured in big commercial laboratories. This maximises the value of the "natural" ingredients versus the perfection of a synthetic equivalent.

We develop great natural skin care products whilst encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own well being without harming other animal species. None of our products are tested on animals and our packaging is fully recyclable.


The holistic approach to skin and soul care at Azurlis® Natural Skin Care is an extension of how we value the world around us.

We are mindful of what we use on our skin, as this is the largest organ of our body and a major contact surface with the environment. In essence our objective was to encourage users to take a few minutes each day, while applying the products, to recognize how special they are and how good they feel.

Why? Because if the soul feels great… the body tags along!

The revitalising benefits of the botanical extracts in our products are enhanced with lapis lazuli gem essence and Reiki energy, creating a skin care range inspired by nature to enrich the skin and calm the soul. 


Azurlis formulations integrate current scientific knowledge with ancient principles that have stood the test of time.

Our ingredients were carefully selected to optimize the benefits derived from each ingredient in a complimentary way. For instance the synergistic effect of the components of each of the oils selected lead to an enhanced benefit that is bigger than the "sum" of the effects of each single ingredient.

A full review of the properties of a huge number of natural ingredients was carried out to select those that were know for their benefits.

Our formulations have been developed to maximise the nourishing, antioxidants and regenerative potential of the botanical ingredients. It is designed to target the basal cell layers to encourage optimal cellular growth and regeneration. Given that it takes 28 days for newly born cells to surface to the top of the epithelium, continued use will contribute to improvement of your complexion.

Natural ingredients tend to be more active than the equivalent synthetics that are made in a laboratory. This is because natural ingredients are extracts from plants that could comprise a mixture of different types of molecular entities. 

For example flax seed oil is made up of a number of fatty acids, e.g. omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (56%-71%), linoleic acid (12%-185), oleic acid (10%-22%), palmitic acid (4%-6%), stearic acid (2%-3%), eicosenoic acid (0%-0.6%), palmitoleic acid (0%-0.5%), and a tiny percentage of what is known as a family of "non-saponifiable" components.

Why are the "non-saponifiable" components so important?

These are often tiny and very specific molecules that act as catalysts of many physiological processes that accelerate cellular physiology associated with regeneration. Each oil has a unique family of these non-saponifiables. Although, the fatty acid composition of most oils can be reproduced synthetically with great accuracy, it is practically impossible to mimic these unique non-saponifiable substances in synthetic manufactured oils.

*No petrochemicals, no parabens, no mineral oils, no silicones, no synthetic colours or fragrances, no PEGs, no PGGs, no sulphates, no phenoxyethanol, no formaldehyde, no ingredients derived through GMOs.