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Your Skin Type

There are two basic facts that need to be considered

1. All skin types can be treated with the same products. 

Why? Because, a skin type prone to oily secretions – classically referred to as oily skin, or one with a dry feel/appearance – typically described as dry skin, are basically just forms of sensitive skin types.

Sadly, people focus of the manifestation on the skin rather than understanding that the basic core principle to healthy skin is to normalise the nourishment, cleansing and nurturing of the skin, with a good simple and appropriate approach, e.g.
  • Oily skins need less moisturiser than dry skins, but oily skins need diligent daily cleansing.
  • Dry skins often require a serum before applying a moisturiser, and when cleansing they should always be “gently patted” instead of rubbing.
  • All skins types benefit from a good detoxifying/anti-aging mask.
  • All skin types should use anti-ageing products, but in particular the dry skin types need more care because they naturally do not produce enough of the oils/sebaceous secretions that help to avoid the fine lines, and “dry “ areas so typical in the dry.
Natural skin care, with ingredients that maximise the nourishment and regeneration of the basal cell layers, encourages balancing of the skin function. However, it is important that this is backed up by good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, to minimise the impacts of stress, which unfortunately show in your skin. So, be kind to your skin and to yourself, and your skin will improve.

2. Why do people believe that they need so many different types products to manage all the differences in skin types?

This is due to a few myths that largely result from the lack of understanding of why we think we have different skin types, when basically most people have tendencies in their skin (dry, oily, sensitive), rather than skin types.

The reason for underlining “most people”, is because there are always exceptions to every rule, and some people do have exceptionally dry skin, e.g. Eczema, and others have systemic forms of acne, typically associated with oily skin.

Both of these conditions need medical attention, and you should seek a medical practitioner. No form of natural skin care will resolve these issues.

But, unfortunately the marketing of some personal care companies, has created the perception that there are huge differences between skin care for different skin types. This helps the companies to sell more products, to have a point of difference in the market, and to create the perception that they are at the cutting edge of science and technology. However, a close inspection of the ingredients reveals that with a exception of a “handful of ingredients” used for marketing purposes in selective products, all the ingredients are the same in all the products for the so called different skin types.

The long and the short is: choose products with good ingredients to balance the skin, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Your skin will glow, and you feel wonderful, re-enforcing the value of good, natural practices.